Class Structure

The kickboxing class is an energetic and fun way to acheive your fitness goals, without the use of cardio machines or weights.

The class starts out with a core blasting circuit for 15 minutes. This gets your blood flowing and hits the core muscles of your body. It focuses on obliques and abs to help you build power in your punches and trim the waistline.
Along with the stomach the shoulders are the second most import muscles in kickboxing. Powerful punches and muscle endurance keep your heart rate in teh fat-burning stage. The final part of the warm-up will focus on the leg. It called “KICKBOXING” so you will need strong power kicks to keep you going through the workout.

Once the warm-up is complete students wil work on combinations with partners, learning new kicks and punches along the way. Members will never run the risk of being hit or kicked in the classes. Its a safe and easy way to KICK the old cardio routine and get out the tension at the same time.

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